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Foundation Projects

Current projects of the Foundation include…

  • In July, 2018 the Foundation awarded a grant of $1000 to support a project named Supporting Family Resiliency: Promoting change for families affected by the Opioid Crisis.

Families that are affected by opioid addiction are in dire need of assistance in rebuilding relationships and finding ways to sustain positive interactions. Parents with opioid use disorders have often neglected their children and are frequently burdened with guilt, shame, anxiety about how to change this dynamic.   In an effort to promote family resiliency, Froma Walsh, a family resiliency researcher, describes key processes which include connectedness, humor and< play (Walsh, 2003). It has been the experience of the CMHC, Inc’s Intensive Family Based Services program that families respond positively to play interactions which introduce opportunities for healing and sustained changes in patterns of interactions.   In order to fully support these changes, the program envisions both facilitating positive play interactions as well as offering materials for the family to utilize outside of therapeutic sessions.   Award dollars will be used to purchase play materials.

Expected outcomes are improved parent child interactions, improved overall child functioning, and increased time spent in parent/child interactions. It is envisioned that this grant award will impact 40 families affected by opioid addiction.


Past projects of the Foundation include…

  • Support of services provided by our Directions! Program which provides support and advocacy services to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence as well as educational programs in local schools.

  • The purchase of Christmas gifts to patients hospitalized on our Inpatient Unit.