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Youth & Family

INcompass Healthcare has a variety of services available for infants, children, adolescents, and young adults (ages 0-26) and their families. Usually, services start by attending an initial assessment during open access at one of our locations: Batesville, Brookville, Lawrenceburg, or Vevay. For ages three and younger, please contact any of the above office locations to schedule an appointment. After the assessment, the clinician will discuss with the youth and family the program and services that will best meet their needs.

Outpatient Mental Health:

to help people cope with current stressors in order to minimize the impact on their daily lives.

Substance Use Services:

provided in an individualized manner with assessment to determine the possible presence of mental health issues.

School-Based Services:

to serve those children that may benefit most from learning skills in the school environment, have a need for coordination and planning with school personnel, and those who would not otherwise be engaged in traditional outpatient services.

Intensive Family Services (IFS):

to help youth and families when there are multiple needs socially, emotionally, and behaviorally.

Wraparound Services (WA):

to help youth and families with multisystem involvement develop a holistic, comprehensive, and organized delivery of services to ensure better outcomes.

Transition to Independence Process (TIP):

to improve outcomes relevant to employment/career, educational opportunities, living situation, personal effectiveness and well-being, and community life-functioning for youth ages 16-26 and their families.

Finding Improvement by Reaching Empowerment (FIRE):

FIRE provides Peer Support, Peer Engagement, and Peer Advocacy.

Services offered in the various programs include, but are not limited to: assessment, coordination and integration of care, care planning, linking to resources, safety planning, crisis intervention, skill development, counseling/therapy (individual/family/group), parenting skills, family-to-family support, peer-to-peer support, housing, employment, supervised visitation, psychiatric assessment, medication monitoring, and transition planning. Depending on the program, these services may be offered in the office, home, school, and/or community setting.