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Employment Services

Community Assisted Supported Employment (CASE)

CASE operates with the belief that anyone with a disability or barrier to employment is capable of working competitively in their community, as long as they have the desire and they’re provided with the tools needed to help them find, secure and keep a job.



Goals of CASE

  • To improve the quality of life of individuals through vocational and employment opportunities.
  • To assist individuals with obtaining gainful, competitive employment, integrated in their community.
  • To provide the supports necessary, through supported employment, job coaching and benefits education, to ensure all placements are able to successfully maintain their individualized job goal.

Who We Serve

The CASE program serves adults and transition age youth (generally in their senior year) who have a disability and other identified barriers that impede their ability to obtain and maintain competitive employment.

  • CASE is a registered vendor with Indiana’s Vocational Rehabilitation VR Services Program. Our Employment Specialists provide supported employment and placement services to eligible VR consumers in Dearborn, Ripley, Franklin, Ohio and Switzerland counties.
  • CMHC is an authorized national Social Security Administration (SSA) Employment Network in the Ticket-To-Work Program. CASE provides Social Security disability beneficiaries the choices, opportunities and support they need to enter and maintain gainful competitive employment. The goal of the TTW Program is to reduce and, whenever possible, eliminate dependence on cash benefit programs. Our Employment Specialists are able to provide supported employment and placement services to eligible SSDI & SSI ticketholders in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.


  • Vocational Testing
  • Job Shadow
  • Situational and Vocational Assessments
  • Job Task Analysis
  • Vocational Planning and Guidance
  • Job Readiness Planning
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Job Development and Job Placement Services
  • Job Coaching
  • On-the-Job Supports
  • Supported Employment Services
  • Benefits Analysis
  • Resume and Cover Letter Development
  • Advocacy
  • Coordination of Care
  • Follow Along Services

Contact Us

CASE Office Address:

281 Bielby Road Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

Phone 812-537-7379

Fax 812-537-4400 

[email protected]